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Cabin Board is the true alternative to real wood. Unlike real wood, it requires no maintenance, saving you time and money over the lifetime of your home or other outdoor structure. On average, Cabin Board has a lower initial price than real wood.

Purchase and Maintenance Costs
Avg. Price/Sq. Ft Avg. Price of Square (100 Sq. ft) Price For Avg. 1800 Sq. Ft of Coverage Maintenance: Painting-Every 5 years Staining-Every 2 years ($2,000-$4,000) Clear Coating-Every 2 years
Real Wood $4.50 $450 $8,100 AVG = $4,000 $3,000 $2,500
Cabin Board $3.79 $379 $6,822

*No Maintenance Costs With Cabin Board!
Cost of Average Cedar Wood Siding vs. Cabin Board Over a 50 Year Span
Breakdown Total Cost
Average Cedar Wood Siding
Painting $8,100 + $40,000 $ 48,100
Staining $8,100 + $75,000 83,100
Clear Coating $8,100 + $62,500 70,600
Cabin Board
No Maintenance $6822 + 0 $6,822

Take a look at this real wood renovation project from one of our happy customers. You will see in this example why Cabin Board Siding is becoming more and more popular among existing real wood home owners. Our customers are tired of the weathering of real wood and the overall maintenance of them. They are switching to Cabin Board Siding.

Utah Renovation Project

Before: Real wood weathering badly just after 7 years.

After: Cabin Board looks like real wood but without the maintenance and is backed with a 75 year warranty!