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Fremont,  OH - One young man's infatuation with engineering and building products started it all. What he created from his enthusiasm for innovative building products has grown into not only an astonishing business story, but a lasting legacy to the industry worldwide.

His company, Style Crest, Inc., has been a labor of love since 1970; he started the business with the manufacturing of fiberglass steps for the mobile home industry. With his dedication to push even harder for new engineering feats CabinBoard was born. CabinBoard was born in the engineering department of Style Crest Inc., to break industry barriers in siding innovation. The barriers broken in this four year study was that standard practices for the manufacture of siding would not work to get the correct wood look with knot pattern on Siding and there was the reliability of the product itself to be considered.

Cabin Board was also able to elevate the standard melting temperatures above anything that had ever been done to date within the industry. There was the added challenge of procuring the right material to fight UV fading and the effects of extreme weathering. With the development of Cabin Board came the innovation for applying the graphics on siding and the development of CP Class Siding. CP Class Siding is a Polymer that combines temperature resistance above 190 degrees Fahrenheit along with a UV fading protection system. Cabin Board is the answer to outdoor enthusiast need for more protection, less maintenance alternative to real wood or Log . With the demand of creative and industrious customers, uses have expanded to include hunting cabins, lodges, dog houses, fencing and even children’s play houses!
Our Mission

"To bring passionate outdoor enthusiast’s first-class products and services for their entertainment and enjoyment." "We never look at we have done, only at what could be. Our success is built upon a simple principle: treat people as fairly and honestly, not only makes good business sense but creates overall satisfaction with life." Says Tom Kern CEO.